Established by professional makeup artist Donna Rowe, Girl Glitz combines reliability, creativity and the best products available.

Girl Glitz is in demand for weddings and formals, stage and special events, fashion, make-overs, glamour shoots, parties or one-on-one colour matching and beauty skills training. Whenever you need a makeup artist, think Girl Glitz.

With 10 years’ experience in makeup and photography, Donna has the intuitive skill and practical knowledge to achieve flawless complexions, incredible eyes and to highlight the features of any face; young or old, from the palest to the darkest skin.

A good communicator with a calming presence, Donna knows that achieving the perfect look for a special event is not just the job of the makeup artist, but is a collaborative experience with each and every client. Her knowledge of photography ensures the perfect look is preserved, too. After initial analysis of the face, Donna can suggest different approaches and outcomes. She listens to the client to understand the client’s expectations and comfort zone. It’s not just about how you look, but how you feel, too, and by using purely MAC products, Donna can create the lightest, most durable makeup for events. What can Girl Glitz do for you?